The Dan K Show #BroadcasterBattle – Week 2 Recap

Last week The Dan K Show kicked off its second season of The Dan K Show #BroadcasterBattle, a fantasy hockey league, competed in by many of the faces of your favorite USPHL organizations around #USPHLNation.  The champion of the league gets the opportunity to host and take over an episode of The Dan K Show.  Last season, the impeccable voice of the New York Aviators, Joe Soccoa, took down The Dan K Show’s very own Lucas Jones for the title.

This season 14 teams are competing for the coveted prize and more importantly, bragging rights as the best hockey mind in the USPHL.  Below, we have taken the time to Power Rank all the league’s squads after two weeks of play.


14. Matt Prieur (Team Name: #LGRW #CBJ, Record 0-2 – Tied for last in The Dan K Division )

Matt may be the new voice of the USPHL Premier’s #1 Ranked organization, the 12-0-0-0 Metro Jets, but in the #BroadcasterBattle he finds himself at the bottom of the barrel.  It is as if the gun has gone off to start the race and Matt is still in his car on the way to the track.  With 6 currently rostered players injured, Matt’s struggles may not get better anytime soon.  He faces the undefeated and incredibly handsome Dan K in Week 3.

13. Gary Erdelyi (Team Name: All-Time Clowe, Record 0-2 – Tied for last in The Lucas J Division)

The former voice of the Philadelphia Hockey Club has been bit by the injury bug early on this year.  With Sid the Kid on the IR, Gary’s team continues to face early season struggles.  Good news, it is only up from here.  Last week, Gary faced the worst defeat in league history, losing 12-0 to defending league champion Joe Soccoa.

12. Noah Farley (Team Name: Richmond Generals, Record 0-2 – Tied for last in The Dan K Division)

Noah’s early season start has been a disappointment to the all-mighty Commissioner Dan K.  He expected Noah to be the early-season title favorite in The Dan K Division, but instead Noah finds himself in dead last following a loss to defending Semi-finalist Eric Richardson of the Springfield Pics.  Noah lacks bench-depth at this time, which will make his climb up the ladder difficult in a deep 14 team league.

11. Lucas Jones (Team Name: Boys Are Muzzin, Record 0-2 – Tied for last in The Lucas J Division)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Lucas gets the highest rank of a defeated side thus far due to his incredible Strength of Schedule.  Losing a battle with the defending champion to open the season and following that up with a dominating loss to Dan “You Betcha” Bradley, AKA the Minnesota Mauler, AKA Mr. Big Hockey Brain.  Following the tough start Lucas was quoted as stating the following.

“Both weeks have been close across the board.  It comes down to having 2-3 less games each week, which is a managerial issue, not a talent issue.  Full confidence in my player’s abilities when put into the best position by the GM.”  Lucas will have a great “get-right” game opportunity this week against the 13th ranked Gary Erdelyi.

10. Sean “The Show” Bretherick (Team Name: Crash Test Domis, Record 1-1 – Tied for 3rd in The Dan K Division)

With Jack Eichel on the “IR,” Sean currently lacks a superstar on his roster this season.  This leaves him vulnerable to close matchups all season long.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this team atop the division or at the bottom of it by season’s end.  The Crash Test Domis will certainly be putting on a Mr. Show all season long with plenty of close games to come.

9. Daniel Sadek (Team Name: Pucks In Deep, Record 1-1 – Tied for 3rd in The Lucas J Division)

Dan’s squad ran into a buzzsaw named Britt in Week 2 losing 9-1!  Overall this team has flash with superstars like Nathan Mackinnon and Ryan O’Reilly, but lacks some depth and substance outside of the G/A/Pts categories.  Dan will need to find a way to tally wins on the defensive end of the ice to compete for a title this year.

8. Brendan Price (Team Name: #LocoforNoco, Record 1-1, Tied for 3rd in The Dan K Division)

Brendan should be 1-0-1 to start the campaign, but made a huge mistake in Week One not meeting the necessary 4 goalie start requirement, losing all his goalie wins.  He sits at 8th right now as Great and Mighty Commissioner Dan K waits to see just how well he can manage his current goaltending situation.  Brendan’s quote on his team’s start did not settle any of the uneasiness around the crease in NoCo.

Quote: “Much like [my] favorite team, [my] philosophy is pretty simple: Ride John Gibson until he keels over from exhaustion and eke some timely scoring out of the team in front of him. 

Bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it plays out for him!

7. Britt Hart (Team Name: Britt’s Disadvantage, Record 1-1 – Tied for 3rd in The Dan K Division)

Britt dominated in Week 2, taking on the strategy of less is more in the goaltending category and dominating with the weekly minimum 4 starts made by Vanecek and Kuemper.  With Gabriel Landeskog and TJ Oshie leading the way offensively this team is unbeatable when the netminding shows up.  Britt’s current strategy could leave her vulnerable if her goalies make less than 4 starts.  If she can add goaltending depth soon, watch out, she may just be a title contender after a commanding 9-1 win over Dan Sadek.

6. Christian Adams (Team Name: Champa Bay’s Finest, Record 1-1 – Tied for 3rd in The Lucas J Division)

This one is a gut-feeling for the Commish.  Christian doesn’t give in to competition and has a great feel for the managerial game behind the game of hockey.  He finds himself in what appears to be the tougher of the two divisions at this time though, so stay tuned to see where his schedule takes him.  When asked for comment on his start, Christian just liked a video posted by Dan Bradley into the group chat.  Confidence can on many occasions, come with silence.

5. Dan Bradley (Team Name: King’s Of The Queen City, Record 1-1 – Tied for 3rd in The Lucas J Division)

Dan Bradley’s squad is currently the clear best squad currently sitting at 1-1.  After embarrassing Dan K Show Co-Host Lucas Jones, Dan Bradley sets his sights on defending Champion Joe Soccoa (2-0) in Week 3.  This will be a great chance for Dan to prove his is worthy of his current Top 5 status in the Power Rankings.  A win, and an Ogden Mustangs (Steffen Bell) loss, could catapult him into First Place overall in the closely contested Lucas J Division.  A quote from Dan Bradley on his start is below.

Quote: “The Kings of the Queen City are just like the Toronto Maple Leafs of the past four years – all offense, no defense.  They’re tied for the league lead in goals and assists, but a brutal -20 to begin the season.  Two defenseman account for almost all of that, Cale Makar -8 and Ryan McDonagh -5.  Once that top pair figures it out, we’ll be a force to contend with and we expect to make a deep playoff run.”

4. Dan K (Team Name: Dan K, Record 2-0 – Tied for first in The Dan K Division)

There is a lot to live up to when an entire Division is named after you and Dan K has lived up to the hype.  Currently at 2-0, Dan K has taken down divisional foes Brendan Price and Sean Bretherick to open the campaign.  Defense and netminding have led the way for Dan K to open the season, but with close wins in each of his first two weeks, he doesn’t look as scary as our other 3 remaining undefeated squads.  When reached out to for comment, Dan only said “I’m already writing this whole article, please just let me work.”

3. Eric Richardson (Team Name: Springfield Pics, Record 2-0 – Tied for first in The Dan K Division)

Dan K vs. Eric Richardson is growing into a fun rivalry to watch for #BroadcasterBattle fans.  Last season in the Quarterfinals, Dan K and Eric tied, with Yahoo’s algorithm sending Dan K packing from the playoffs.  At 2-0 and heading into a matchup with 1-1 Sean Bretherick, Eric will look to continue his unbeaten run to open the season.  Eric discussed his first overall pick of Connor McDavid and more below.

Quote: “Having the #1 draft pick puts you in a huge advantage spot, but it also puts a huge target on you.  You picked up the person everyone wanted, and now you have to choose the right individuals to surround them with.  It overall comes down to a team effort, with everyone contributing in their own way.” 

2. Ogden Mustangs (Team Name: Steffen Bell, Record 2-0 – Tied for first in The Lucas J Division)

WOW!  Like the great Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh from the famed “Bull Durham,” new league member Steffen Bell has announced his presence with authority to start the season!  In his first two weeks of the #BroadcasterBattle, Steffen played formidable foes in Dan Bradley and Christian Adams, while beating them by a combined score of 18-5.  If it weren’t for a defending league Champion sitting at 2-0 still, Steffen would easily be ranked #1 overall in these rankings.  But as the great Ric Flair once side, “WOOOOO,”… wait I meant to say “if you want to be the man, you got to beat the man!”  Steffen will have to wait until Week 5 for his first crack at the defending champ Joe Soccoa.  When reached for comment Steffen shared the following.

Quote: “[I] like the collective effort from this group and the character of each player in the locker room.  We’ve had solid goaltending in net and everyone has bought in to what we are trying to do.  There have been some slight hiccups at times, but we’re always going to be aggressive regardless of the bounces going our way or not.  Our GM is not afraid to make a move and shake things up when needed either.  We want to be our very best every night and the players understand and embrace that expectation.”

1. Joe Soccoa (Team Name: The Bathroom Staals, Record 2-0, Tied for first in The Lucas J Division)

When you are the defending champ and you are undefeated, you get the number one spot in the Power Rankings.  Joe opened the season with an incredibly close victory over Lucas Jones in a rematch of last year’s title game 6-5, then backed that performance up with a 12-0 drubbing of Gary Erdelyi.  At 2-0 Joe can add to his sterling resume this week with a big divisional win over Dan Bradley currently at 1-1.  The defending #BroadcasterBattle Champion had the below to say about his start.

Quote: “I think my team is working hard.  [Our] draft was pretty solid.  Dealing with some injuries to start [the season] but overall we like the strong start.  We’ll also be looking at the trading market to possibly shake up some categories that we need to be better in.” Let us know your thoughts and predictions for the league by reaching out with the hashtag #BroadcasterBattle.  Follow along all season long right here on

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